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Make $14-$16 and Hour (Major Tax Company) Class Starts in 4 Days

You will provide video tech support services for a major tax software company that you have known for years.  The class starts  in 4 days.

4 Days Left to Earn Up to $16/Hour with TurboTax
Enroll Agents Today and Earn $300 in Incentives!

The tax course cost has been reduced to $19.99 - that's over $100 in savings!

  • $14 to $16 per hour*
  • Peak Servicing Incentive of up to $300 provided per agent who meets specific criteria*

But wait, there's more..........

Tax Highlights
  • Video chat is all that - learn more about video chat here
  • Lots and lots of servicing hours available - learn more servicing here
  • Camera shy? - overcome your fears by watching this video
  • Pick as  many hours as you like.  Start servicing January - April.
  • There will be many other oprtunities open after the the tax season ends.
  • There will also be another peak in October.
Do you still have questions?  Call me,, Virtual Whispers' owner at 330-554-5202 TODAY

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