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Make $14-$16 and Hour (Major Tax Company) Class Starts in 4 Days

You will provide video tech support services for a major tax software company that you have known for years.  The class starts  in 4 days. 4 Days Left to Earn Up to $16/Hour with TurboTax Enroll Agents Today and Earn $300 in Incentives! The tax course cost has been reduced to $19.99 - that's over…
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Breaking News: Background Checks Are Now FREE

  Effective Immediately! The registration process background check is FREE! (US Only) That's a huge deal!!!  There are MANY positions available.  Enjoy the winter working from home.  Join Virtual Whispers NOW!!!!  Get started with your registration TODAY with no obligations or hassles. Registration Info and links
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The Benefits of Working From Home

The Benefits of Working From Home Let's start off with the obvious, you WORK FROM HOME!!!! Support some of the largest fortune 500 companies in the world No rush hour traffic No need to buy work clothes No day care expenses! No office drama You answer to you..... as long as you don't answer yourself…
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PC Check

Below you will find the link to check your systems. PC Check from Arise Virtual Solutions on Vimeo.
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Getting Started

Create an Arise profile and complete the Background check (Cost $7.95 paid to a third party) When asked if you were  referred to an Independent Business Owner  select "YES". When asked for the CSP ID, please enter Virtual Whispers 525424 Submit request to join Virtual Whispers, LLC in the Arise Portal.  Enter IB ID 88641.…
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Current Openings

Vacation Membership (Customer Service and Sales) ($9-$13) Cable Company ($12-14) Roadside Assistance ($11) Spanish- $13 Amusement Park (making dinner reservations) (DRC)-($9) Office Supply ($9) Business Office Supply ($11) Vacation ($11-$13 ) Energy  ($11.50) Telecommunications ($11-$16) Car Rental ($11) Vacation Spot ($11-$18) are just to name a few    
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